• Just like many, you also need some extra cash and want to work from home. You hear stories how traders make millions on Wall Street and all is true. Some make millions and some loose millions.

  • Start with $300, or $900 or $3000 investmentIf you can live after loosing $300, or $900 or  $3000, then that is good and you are prepared for the worst case scenario. This is where you start. 

  • If you can not live with the worst case scenario, then look for another "work from home" opportunity.

  • Let us assume you never ever traded Forex, but you want to learn basics. Learning basics is not profitable strategy. When you make a bread, you either make a bread or you don't make a bread.There are  few ingredients you understand when making a bread: flour, water, yeast & salt. All you do now is adjust right quantities at the right time and you made a bread.

  • Trading Forex , Stocks, Futures or Commodities is same as making a "bread" in the Market. There are few ingredients you need to understand: Current Market, Past and Future Price levels, Fibonacci & Patterns.

  • I explained all this in my e-books and you can find them on amazon.com.




  • Fibonacci video I recommend is from Manish Patel. I add few more FIB levels to my Fibonacci indicator and all is in this  e-book "Forex Daily Trading with Ichimoku, FIB and Patterns: SPX500, UK100, GER30"

  • Go to any Forex Broker, Sign up and get Demo account - no need to put any money down because you will first practice on Demo Account.

  • Once you get confidence that you understand things, check my e-books where you will find examples of trading levels based on Ichimoku, FIB and Patters for many different Forex  pairs, Stocks, Futures and Commodities.


  • It is not that obvious to find correct FIB in a Pattern, but once you train your eye for a month, you might be able to see it. In the meantime, I try to explain the best way I can how I find correct FIB in my e-books.


  • There are 3 Golden Rules I created and they are applicable for all time frames and for all instruments of trading. I show you examples for the Patterns and FIB in my e-books and all you do is apply 3 Golden Rules to make Profit.

Here are some samples below: