• This is automated trading with my Robot "Kumo"
  • WARNING: this is very aggressive trading: 0.03 lots on $600.
  • Instead, you can use 0.01 lot if you want to copy my Signal.
  • I can afford to loose $600. If you cannot afford to loose $600 then Do Not Copy!
  • Forex Broker I use is https://xtreamforex.com to test my Robot
  • Leverage: 1:500
  • What Trades I take: Only Shorts.
  • US Brokers do not allow FIFO.
    Example: If I sell EURUSD at 1.0915 and sell again at 1.09900, I have to First  close 1st sell order and then 2nd sell order​. Bummer! My Robot will close both trades at the same price by calculating an average TP.
  • US Brokers do not allow Buy and Sell at the same time.
    Example:  you can only sell EURUSD, but you cannot Buy it at the same time. That is why I trade either only Shorts or Longs. ​
Forex Broker I use: https://xtreamforex.com/ does allow FIFO and I can Buy and Sell at the same time. If I enable Buy and Sell I might make double profit! But, I will not do that as I plan on using US Broker Forex.com in the future.