Steps before you open Cryptocurrency account:

Go to and create unique email.

  • Use 2 way authentication for your email on your pc and mobile phone.

  • DO NOT use proton mail in any other application or anywhere else. Period.

  • DO NOT use browser to save any of your passwords, instead, write all your passwords, seed words and keys in a paper notebook.

  • Once you have proton mail, get FREE ProtonVPN. It's a MUST!

  • With ProtonVPN you can connect to server in your country or other countries. All traffic will go through ProtonVPN and your internet and browsing will be secure. Always remember to tell yourself:  "I am my own Bank!"

  • Watch all YouTube videos about Free ProtonVPN.

Steps to open Coinbase Account​:

  • Go to any crypto broker and open account. I use broker.

  • Create password for email and coinbase to be at least 14 characters – do not use a phrase, a name, a birth-date or same password as on other accounts.

  • Buy hardware wallet Nano X.

  • Buy crypto through Coinbase and immediately transfer it to Nano X .

  • You are your own Bank! Be safe and secure by following steps above.